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Scott Silva, Folsom Ready Mix., Inc.

"Kathleen and her team were unbelievably good.  Their talent and execution were so far above the rest, our opponent had no chance but to surrender."

Max Verstegen, Hilton Hotels ADA Compliance Chief

"I fully endorse Finnerty Law Offices, Inc. for their ability to understand the nuances of ADA compliance, explain all the options to their client and to guide them to choose the one that gets results."

Mike Machetti, Green Gowth Cultivation, Inc.

"I am deeply grateful that I had Finnerty Law Firm to help me untangle the issues surrounding my case. Their clear and direct advice made all the difference."

Gleb Tabachnick, Dragon's Lair Enterprises, Inc.

"Kathleen was masterful at understanding the complexities of the cannabis regulations as they were being developed, working with the local regulators and guiding our project to be the first of its kind licensed in the area.   We are extremely grateful and look forward to working with her for many years."

Chuck Hansen, Electro Scan, Inc.

"We have worked with Kathleen Finnerty for more than 20 years.  She is our go-to lawyer when only the best will do."

Terry Taylor, Taylor Wings, Inc.

"When I really needed a good team in my corner, Kathleen and her firm was there. Their ability to work together to get the results I needed was nothing short of exemplary. Once again, she is a master of her trade, and outsmarted the opponent every step of the way."

Success Stories

$10 Million Success in Embezzlement Trial


In a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a former employee, we investigated and developing indisputable evidence that the employee stole more than $800,000 that he spent on hot rods, trips, motor homes and other luxuries creating more than $4 million dollars in liability.  Although the employee counter sued our clients for $6 million based on claims for past due wages and profits, we persuaded the Court that all of the employee's claims were barred.  The Court then encouraged the parties to resolve the matter without further trial.  The matter was settled, and the moneys and assets were transferred to our client in a matter of days so that the client could get back to doing what it does best - - - business. 

Loan Restructuring


In a case of predatory lending practices by unscrupulous investors, we were able to halt a foreclosure sale, and re-negotiate fair terms to a loan to allow our clients to stay in business and repay the loan with proper interest terms from their future profits. 

Frequent Filer ADA Plaintiffs Defeated Again


Our office has gained a national reputation as one of the finest in ADA defense across the country.  We have represented large hotel chains, retail chains, apartment complexes and real estate development companies.  We are one of the very few law firms who have obtained court orders mandating that the ADA plaintiff pay our client.  We have extensive technical knowledge, work with the best experts, and can represent you with the highest degree of competence in this complex area of compliance and litigation.